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Greater Kruger Initiative


The MPPOA Five Point Plan is now replaced by the Greater Kruger InitiativeGKI.

As the full name Greater Limpopo Trans Frontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) is a bit of a mouthful we have shortened this to GKI.

What is the GKI? In layman’s terms:

In the past Kruger National Park and other National Parks had an "Island mentality" - Protect our borders at all costs! 

This did not lead to particularly good relationship with communities living on the borders of Parks. The communities felt that they did not directly benefit from the Parks and thus had no interest in protecting the boundaries. Poaching was rife and intrusions into the Parks were common place.

This new SANPARKS initiative to enlarge the BUFFER ZONE around the Kruger (pertinent to Marloth) gives Kruger much more protection and buy-in from neighbouring communities. It encourages and advises communities in the buffer zone to cooperate in various aspects that benefit all. It's the ultimate WIN-WIN solution.

The most important issues covered by GKI include:

  1. Conservation Management - total management of our fauna & flora including eradication of invasive and alien species.
  2. Security Management - The buffer zone must be protected so communities like Marloth that have large common borders must ensure their security and access is well controlled. This will automatically improve our gate security.
  3. Tourism Management -  Local communities must also benefit from the Tourism attracted to Kruger Park. Tourism ownership must transform and be inclusive. It also requires management to ensure the sustainability.

Marloth Park is a Municipal Township and the Nkomazi Municipality is the Ultimate Authority that must buy-into the GKI and finally sign the agreement with Kruger. Their collaboration is vital to this effort.

Once all parties (Marloth Park Property Owners and the Municipality) agree on the way forward the Municipality signs the Official Agreement with SANPARKS. This starts the ball rolling. 

A professional company is contracted to do a complete study and write a full management plan for Marloth Park based on the three important issues required  by SANPARKS. We have five years to implement and comply with this management plan failing which the GKI status can be removed.

The Benefits for Property Owners

  1. A long term plan for management of conservation, security and tourism.
  2. Use of SANPARKS branding and names on advertising, gates etc.
  3. A huge increase in property values.
  4. Independent external assessment of the Management Plan progress, giving us peace of mind.
  5. Prestige of being part of a high profile International development.

Please support our efforts to make this happen.